Fifth Take 5 Oil Change and Car Wash co-development opens

April 12, 2022

In early March, Driven Brands held a grand opening of a Take 5 Oil Change and Car Wash co-development in Edinburg, Texas. Driven Brands has at least 10 more of these innovative locations in this year’s pipeline. The co-developments are planned for Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin, and Arkansas.

“With the Take 5 Car Wash brand, our goal is to be simply more convenient than our competition,” said John Teddy, EVP and Group President of Car Wash North America. “We developed the Take 5 Oil Change and Car Wash concept with that goal in mind. Two category leaders, together under one brand, providing customers with a one-stop solution for the automotive services they need most often.”

Take 5 Oil Change pioneered the “stay in your car model” for oil changes – focusing on an improved customer experience for car maintenance. With the co-development, Driven Brands has implemented a retail approach to the automotive aftermarket sector.

“We developed the Take 5 Oil Change model to be fast and friendly. We focus on providing just a few services to the customer, and doing them exceptionally well,” said Danny Rivera, EVP and Group President of Maintenance. “We’ve always approached automotive care differently than our competitors. We look beyond automotive. We look to trends happening across many industries including retail as we continue to innovate car care for our customers.”

In its first day, the location washed more than 800 cars and provided oil changes to 40 cars.

While this is the fifth such co-development, it’s the first developed from ground up. “The traffic seen on the first few days confirms what we’ve known for a long time: customers love our fast, friendly, and convenient approach to their car care needs,” added Rivera.

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