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Committed To Your Success

When it comes to experience, passion, determination, and work ethic, Driven Brands’ executive team is tops within our industry. Although each franchise concept runs independently the synergies and opportunities are phenomenal. Unlike most franchise companies our relationships with vendors and product suppliers are expanded based on the number of franchise concepts within our family. Our incredible staff working side by side with our brand executives truly provides our company unparalleled potential. At Driven Brands it is our mission to support each and every Brand within our family and as a result we are 100% committed to the success of all of our brands and their franchisees.

Executive Team

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Driven Brands, Inc.

Steve Jackson , EVP, CFO-Driven Brands

Paul Clayton, President-Meineke

Jose R. Costa, President-Maaco

Noah Pollack, EVP, General Counsel-Driven Brands

Danny Rivera, CIO-Driven Brands

Leadership Team

Jason J. Moskal, Chief Marketing Officer-Meineke

Artemio Garza, Chief Marketing Officer-Maaco

Dave Schaefers, SVP, Franchise Development-Meineke

Travis Miller, SVP of Franchise Sales-Maaco

Timothy Lucey , COO-Meineke

Jason Ryan , COO-Maaco

Frank L. Soccorsi, President-Drive N Style

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